Cloak enrobes Baltimore and takes black metal fans to new venomous depths

Posted by on October 30, 2019

Cloak (opening for Uada and 1349) – Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD, October 27, 2019

If you haven’t checked out Atlanta, Georgia’s Cloak yet, you are really missing out on an amazing band. Honestly, this is one of my favorite bands these days and I’ve listened to their latest release, The Burning Dawn, nearly a hundred times since I got it. Yeah, it’s that good. We reviewed it here not too long ago.

This is the second time I’ve seen Cloak live, with the first being earlier this year. I thought they had a lot to offer back when they were opening for Khemmis prior to the release of their latest record, but it’s been pretty incredible to see this band play a number of really great black and roll cuts off the new LP. The band’s live show has matured in just a short time and the band seemed much more agile, seasoned and polished with the opening slot on the 1349 tour (labelmates on Season of Mist). Not to say they were slouches in the past – not at all – but it’s clear they have a great deal of confidence in their new material and seemed to really mesh with the 1349 crowd who genuinely are looking for a darker shade of metal that Cloak can provide.

There were clearly a lot of folks who were witnessing Cloak for the first time ever and there was a nice crowd that came out when the doors opened to catch the Atlanta quartet. There were MANY fans seeking out band members at the bar and at the merch table after their set to express their appreciation and their newly found interest in the band’s music.

Cloak is really a band that can appeal to those who love traditional black metal, more modern black and roll and most certainly classic metal. It’s dark and occultist with lots of groove and great riffage.  With two great guitar players who exchange both leads and rhythms, an incredibly talented bass player and a solid drummer, Cloak is poised for greatness.  Remember – you read it here first!

Catch Cloak on tour now with Uada and 1349!

Get The Burning Dawn here.



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