Voivod announce new studio album ‘Synchro Anarchy’

Posted by on December 3, 2021


Canadian progressive metal band, Voivod will release their new studio album, Synchro Anarchy, on February 11, 2022 via Century Media Records. This release is the next in line after 2018’s The Wake. The album artwork was created by the band’s drummer Michel “Away” Langevin.

Langevin comments:

“We are eager to present our latest work, a real collaborative effort. The new album represents countless hours of writing, demoing, recording, mixing and so on. The band and Francis Perron at RadicArt Studio gave their very best to make it happen under unusual circumstances, which led us to call it Synchro Anarchy. We feel that the sound and music are 100% Voivod, and we hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we had fun making it. We certainly can’t wait to play it live.”

Synchro Anarchy contains:

01) Paranormalium
02) Synchro Anarchy
03) Planet Eaters
04) Mind Clock
05) Sleeves Off
06) Holographic Thinking
07) The World Today
08) Quest For Nothing
09) Memory Failure

Voivod guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain told The Metal Voice that he and his bandmates were “still in the writing process” for follow-up to 2018’s The Wake. He said:

“We’re still sharing files and trying to catch up and put more time into it. I think the situation will get better and maybe we’ll have a chance to meet more often and jam together; that’s where the magic happens, usually. But we’ve learned to work in this context as well. And that’s cool, because I received a bunch of tracks from Away [drummer Michel Langevin], who is programming drums in Logic with his computer, and it sounded exactly like Away’s playing. I was super impressed, because sometimes when you use a computer, it kind of sounds square. But everything was perfect. So it’s really fun to do. It’s a different way. So it’s gonna bring it different ideas, I think, if we welcome it in a creative way.”





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