Unearth’s “Extinctions” Incinerates!

Posted by on November 9, 2018

It seems more than appropriate that I’m writing this review of Unearth’s Extinctions while on my way up to Boston. Unfortunately, I’m NOT headed up to see the band perform, but after listening to this amazing new record, I really, really wish I were!

Let’s get right to it, the lead track on Extinctions, “Incinerate,” is one of the best songs I’ve listened to all year. Period.  Done.  I mean… those solos! So much Maiden influence in this track… incredible song writing. Just an absolute winner from start to finish.

“Cultivation of Infection” has a slamming bass line and large chunky rhythms on top of some abrasive percussion. The bridge and chorus is going to take you back to the late 1990’s. The final cut, “One With the Sun” is pummeling, but with beautifully mixed leads and an uptempo chorus that’s going to get the pits moving intensely.

The solemn “King of the Arctic” takes the speed down a bit, but there’s no let up on intensity. It’s songs like this that demonstrate the diversity of this band and how this band pays such close attention to songcraft and quality. They can do so many things and do them so well – but all while maintaining their signature sound.

The lyrics on this new record are probably the most blistering and critical we’ve heard from the band in their history.   There is a clear sense of urgency here and Unearth are undoubtedly unafraid to raise our awareness about the perils and dangers of our current society and civilization. The band examines the environment, loss, death and dying and tragedy in these ten songs and they hit the listener with a solid dose of profound affect.

Even listeners who might not be turned on to Unearth because of their “metalcore” affectation should certainly check these guys out. I wouldn’t necessarily pigeonhole this band into the metalcore subgenre as their influences are really far and wide, and there is something for every metal fan, especially in this record. Incinerate is certainly going to appeal to existing fans, as well those who love to listen to bands like Avenged Sevenfold and some of the newer core bands, however, as an Iron Maiden listener circa 1982, I just love this record and those massive twin guitar leads. Additionally, I’m hearing a great deal of Revelation’s Shai Hulud (possibly one of the most underrated bands of all time) and New York’s Earth Crisis.

Pick this one up.  Releases November 23 on Century Media Records.


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