slayer-seven-poud-version-of-repentless-620x319Slayer is one of the most-merchandised metal bands in existence. From condoms to ashtrays, if you can think about it, Slayer’s probably slapping a logo on it and selling it. Now that they have a new album, Repentless, coming out on the 14th anniversary of one of their other albums being released, you can actually buy that too. And instead of heading to Target or picking it up online, the band are thinking some might want to get the ultimate collector’s version of the album. So far, the seven-pound 5″ x 17″ x 3″ “Metal Eagle Edition” of the album will come with a digipack version of the disc, with “exclusive bonus content” to be determined, added afterwards.

The package in and of itself looks sturdy, and at 7 pounds of diecast metal, it pretty much is sturdy. If you’re a big fan of the  band, you might want to grab it just for the design of it alone. In fact, it has cutouts in back so you could hang it on the wall. Even if the rest of the album doesn’t stack up to “Implode” and “When the Stillness Comes,” you’ll still have the iconic-looking eagle hanging on your wall. That being said, it doesn’t come cheap, as the version will cost $180. If you’re still on board, you can grab one here, but there are only 3,000 being made worldwide, so act soon (er than later).