This past weekend, a print ad that appears in Revolver Magazine let it slip that Periphery’s new album will be released on July 3 and will feature a guest guitar solo from Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. Well earlier this morning, Guitar World was able to confirm more than just a release date.

In addition to confirming July 3 as a release date, guitarist Mark Holcomb confirmed to Guitar World that The Faceless’ Wes Hauch and The Aristocrats’ Guthrie Govan will also be making guest appearances on the as-yet-titled album, saying:

“We also managed to get not one, but three of our favorite guitarists to do guest solos on the record. Wes Hauch (The Faceless), Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats) and John Petrucci (Dream Theater) all laid down guest solos on the album and they turned out incredible… Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”

Holcomb also had the following to say about the new album itself:

“The album is finally done and ready to go — July 3 is the date! After all the countless hours of work we’ve put in over the past seven months, we can honestly say the vision we had in mind for this record has been fulfilled — and then some! Every single member of this band stepped it up and, as a result, this album truly feels like a collaborative effort.”

Periphery will reportedly reveal the title and cover artwork for their new album (which guitarist Misha Mansoor said in past interviews that it’ll be one of two new records) in the near future. The album’s release will come in perfect timing with their stint on this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour.