An interesting magazine advertisement has recently popped up. As seen off to the side, this ad (which appears in either Revolver and/or Guitar World Magazine) proclaims that not only will Periphery’s new album come out on July 3, but will also feature a guest guitar solo from Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. However, it would appear that both facts weren’t supposed to appear in any magazine.

In response to a query via Formspring, singer Spencer Sotelo voiced his disappointment in the leak by saying:

“Bad planning on somebody’s end. We were just as surprised as anyone else when we saw that revolver had put the release date out there when no official announcement has been made.”

While it’s unclear who is responsible for the “bad planning,” it shouldn’t come as to surprising to hear about Petrucci’s guest solo. Periphery opened for Dream Theater in Europe and select U.S. dates recently, while Petrucci and guitarist Misha Mansoor appeared on the cover of Total Guitar Magazine together. Plus (and this probably played just as big of a role in snagging the guest spot), guitarist Jake Bowen is after all Petrucci’s nephew.

An official announcement is still to come. And while not much else is known (besides what Mansoor has said about the two new albums in past interviews), we’re sure that many fans are simply happy to hear when they can expect to hear new material from Periphery.

[via Metal Sucks by way of Heavy Blog Is Heavy]