AntiMozdeBeast to Release New Album, ‘The Red River,’ This Spring

Posted by on April 23, 2020



AntiMozdeBeast, the experimental noise project of multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Palacio, has announced a new album. The Red River is slated to be released via Bandcamp this spring. 

Much of The Red River deals with the mental and physical anguish Palacio has experienced throughout his life. “As you descend track by track, level by level of The Red River, unreal sonic hellscapes abound, peeling away layers of injury like gray skin,” describes the album in a press release. “The album takes the kitchen-sink approach to dealing with his demons, a life of trauma and seeing what’s on the other side, smashing down doors others would cling to or hold shut. Pain will truly set you free and The Red River is proof. Having dealt with a lifetime of health issues, and both mental and physical struggles, this hardened the younger Gabriel who channeled this into his music.”

Religion and spiritual rebellion also play a role in Palacio’s music. Continues the press release:

“Fueled by rebelling against his strictly religious upbringing, through AntiMozdeBeast he has “learned his own adaptation of God, Good and Evil, and The Afterlife, which he portrays throughout his art form.”

The Red River takes its sonic influence from the worlds of industrial and heavy metal. “Drawing influence and inspiration from some of the greats of the genre, AntiMozdeBeast slips out of the penumbra to transform anguish into power, just as solo auteur masters that set the path before him such as Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie Skinny Puppy, CygnosiC and more. Fans of more recent artists such as The Body, Author & Punisher, Compactor, and Gridfailure will also find a hostile, uneasy alliance with the tracks on The Red River.”

Palacio is very much a “one man band” when it comes to AntiMozdeBeast. Not only does the musician write all of the music and lyrics, but he plays all of the instruments and provides vocals for the project himself as well.

The Red River will be AntiMozdeBeast’s third full-length and fourth overall release in what has been a very prolific year for the artist. Since May 2019, he has released two full-length’s, AntiMozdeBeast (May 2019) and The Political Beast, The Beast Of War, And The Antichrist (January 2020), and an EP, The Crossroads (February 2020).

A specific release date for The Red River has not been announced yet. All of AntiMozdeBeast’s previous releases can be found on his Bandcamp page.



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