Album Review: Infected Rain – ‘Ecdysis’

Posted by on January 14, 2022


Moldovan progressive metal outfit Infected Rain have come full circle with their latest studio album, Ecdysis. Merging samples with melodic vocals mixed with substantial screams and massive riffs, the band has created an iconic sound unique to them. 

Formed in 2008, the group composed of Lena Scissorhands on vocals, Vadim “Vidick” Ojog on guitar, Vladamir Babici on bass, Sergey Babici on guitar, and Eugene Voluta on drums make up the perfect group of individuals to create and portray a picture through music that is of epic proportions.

Signed to Napalm Records, the band has created their fifth studio album, released on January 7th, 2022. The follow-up to 2019’s Endorphin provides beautiful and euphonic vocals by Lena, who can change her voice to screams within seconds. Almost eerie at times, the singer brings a true essence that is all her own. As a critical lyricist for the band, she brings a poetic touch to the music she pens and sings.

Musically, the record remains consistently versatile. The ability for Ojog and Babici on guitars to one minute be immersed in intense heavy metal dueling to bring it down to a level of soulful playing suddenly is a unique gift.

Not to be outdone, the percussion section with Voluta on drums and Babici on bass provides the backbone to the band’s original sound. Bringing a massive reverb to the songs then slowing down and allowing the tune to take another turn with lessor speed, adding to the story behind the music and lyrics.

Some songs that are sure to be fan favorites are “The Realm of Chaos,” which features Heidi Shepherd of The Butcher Babies; “Nine, Ten,” “November,” “Postmortem Pt 1,” “Longing,” and “Postmortem Pt 2,” to name a few. However, the album as a whole is truly one to be listened to in its entirety as it is riveting and magical in its own right.

Infected Rain has come a long way as a band and has become a powerhouse. Ecdysis is a masterpiece and an album every metalhead should have in their collection.


Infected Rain’s Ecdysis is available now via Napalm Records. Order here. 



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