Record Store Day was successful, metal among top-sold titles

Posted by on April 21, 2015

As anyone at an independent record store this past Saturday can attest, Record Store Day was a huge success. In fact, while vinyl has been on an upswing since 2007, this year’s Record Store Day was even larger. How much larger? Well, vinyl sold 1,500% more than it did the previous Saturday, and Record Store Day 2015 had a 24.3% increase in album sales and a 97.2% increase in singles sales from RSD 2014. And while some are accusing the day of being bad for record pressing plants, independent artists, and even some record stores, it definitely brought a lot of people in to indie record stores, and a solid amount of the titles sold were hard rock and metal.

Buzzangle Music listed the 100 top-selling titles, and the #2 top-selling item was a cassette, Metallica’s No Life  Til Leather, which was the only cassette in the top 100. Here are the hard rock and metal-leaning titles:

2) Metallica, No Life ‘Til Leather
12) Citizen Dick, “Touch Me I’m Dick” (members of Pearl Jam)
18) Foo Fighters, Songs From the Laundry Room
20) Social Distortion, Social Distortion
36) Off!, Live From the BBC
38) Slayer, “When the Stillness Comes”
54) Mastodon, “Atlanta
68) Electric Wizard, Time to Die
93) GWAR, America Must Be Destroyed

Here’s the whole list:

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