Chthonic singer running for office in Taiwan

Posted by on December 2, 2015


If you think the Presidential race in the United States is a three ring circus, you’re completely right. But at least it’s not only the States where some, er, unconventional candidates are running for public office. Take, for example, Taiwan, where Freddy Lim, singer of avant-garde metal band Chthonic, is running for parliament! The singer has some pretty solid credentials, though. He’s served two terms as a chair of Amnesty International Taiwan, launched Taiwan’s most successful crowdfunding site, Free Bird, and the political party he founded last year, New Power Party, is already the third-largest in Taiwan outside the two major ones.

In lieu of a campaign rally, On December 26th, the band will be holding an outdoor concert in Taipei’s Liberty Square, the band’s largest-scale outdoor concert. In the above video, Lim runs through the streets of Taiwan talking about the problems of Taiwan and announcing his candidacy for legislator. “I grow long hair, I have tattoos, I’ll be a member of parliament,” it concludes. We’re fascinated to see how things work out for him.

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