Wouldn’t Euronymous Look Great On The Tail Of An Airplane?

Posted by on March 22, 2012

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, low cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle launched a web campaign where users can vote on which famous Norwegian personality they want to see on the tail of their airplanes. And according to Italian blog Metal Skunk, none other than the late Mayhem co-founder/guitarist than Øystein Aarseth (aka Euronymous) should grace their tail.

In order to qualify as a candidate, the individual must have inspired others, originate from the Oslo region, and be deceased. Euronymous, who was stabbed to death by Mayhem bandmate Varg Vikernes in 1993, certainly fulfills the “deceased” qualifications. And there’s no denying the influence Mayhem have had in metal (let alone in the Norwegian black metal scene). Plus, we know how serious Norwegians take their black metal.

At the moment, Euronymous is at the 23rd position, but needs to place in the top 5 to enter the final. Thus, if you want to see a deceased member of Mayhem’s face on the tail of an airplane, vote online now. Voting is apparently open until March 28. And hey, there might be some that would think a black metal guitarist doesn’t belong on an airplane’s tail, but his face would definitely look better than that stupid eskimo guy on Alaska Airlines’ tails.

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