70000tons round 10 2020 explained by members of Trollfest, Carach Angren, The Agonist, etc.

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70000tons of Metal by far surpasses any other metal cruise. It’s more than a fan’s all-access pass hanging out with some of their favorite bands. The overall adventure is a vacation with like-minded individuals surrounded by their metal brothers and sisters. It’s an example of how loving and caring the metal community is as it unites headbangers from all over the globe onto Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas. The 2020 Round 10 edition took place a little bit earlier than previous years, on January 7th and ran through January 11th, traveling from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Cozumel, Mexico and back. Despite the delayed announcements, Skipper and the rest of the crew managed to book 62 bands. Somehow, between Metal Insider photographers Kyle Finlan and Zenae Zukowski, we managed to cover 61 out of 62. Of course, leaving one-act out was nothing personal. Schedules, fun, and just about anything can get in the way of missing a band. 

This year’s edition included the first-ever performance from Archon Angel, Gary Holt’s return to Exodus, Epica’s spectacular Design Your Universe set, Devin Townsend’s “heavy” set with Strapping Young Lad material, and so much more. Lets not forget the biggest pillow fight ever during Origin’s performance, and the world’s most enormous conga pit during both Trollfest shows. Additionally, there was the All Star Jam, Belly Flop contest, to Cruachan’s intimate bar set, and adding 70000tons of metal Pool Boys along with the Pool Girls. Overall, it’s an incredible experience; many never forget and always look forward to doing it all over again the following year. It’s the perfect escape for a happy metal family vacation. 

We reached out to members from Carach Angren, Trollfest, and more to comment on their experience from this year’s voyage. Hopefully, we will return next year on the world’s biggest metal cruise.


Aether Realm bassist/vocalist Vincent “Jake” Jones:


“It feels like a fever dream-the concept of time sorta goes out the window. You sleep when you have to, you eat when you wanna, and at any moment you can go allow yourself to be bombarded with international riffs of the highest caliber. We’ve wanted to play it since it’s inception in 2011, so for us it was a satisfying conclusion to 9 years of trying to get noticed. Also, I lost a toenail crowdsurfing to Wintersun with no shoes on, and then I went and played my own show in the middle of the fuckin ocean! Confirmed sick!”


Trollfest’s Trollmannen:


70k is without a doubt the most comfortable metal festival in the world, fantastic party!”


Archon Angel’s Zak Stevens:


“70K T.O.M. was an awesome experience for Archon Angel.  We had our first two shows as a band on this cruise, and the atmosphere was really electric because of the anticipation of the shows by both the band and the metal heads on board.  I’ve played this cruise three times in my career, so I knew from experience the challenges you can have with the various show times and the multiple venue assignments that are possible.  We had one show on the main stage to start the cruise and one on the pool deck stage in the face of a constant 50-knot wind coming straight at us! I’m proud of all the guys and everyone involved, and especially the great fans on board, for making our first two shows a success aboard the ship!!”


The Agonist guitarist Danny Marino:


“The cruise was truly an amazing and unique experience for us! It was our first time and now we see why the bands and fans love it so much. Great music, great people and good times non-stop in the middle of the ocean! What else do you need??”




“A truly bizarre and beautiful experience that we hope to relive again soon”


Carach Angren:


“For us the experience was once again terrific. Not only did we get to play excellent spots and close the festival as the last playing band, we also had a great experience during the cruise overall. I admire the fact that the organizers can pull off such a complex festival in the open sea!”




“70k is one hell of an adventure! The best metal party in the world. Artists have nowhere to hide, and neither does the beer. We have been blessed to play twice, and each time has been a blast. Can’t recommend it enough. Fun 24/7!”


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