So Glenn Danzig walks into a birthday party with Dane Cook…

Posted by on March 23, 2015

Last week, Jerry Cantrell turned 49. And as you might expect, he had a birthday party. What you might not expect is who hung out at his party. Glenn Danzig was there. So was Dane Cook. And porn director Craven Moorehead (probably not his real name). And while it’s probably not the most raucous party that Cantrell has been to, it was exciting enough for the Elvis of Evil to post about it on Facebook. Interestingly enough, he was either retweeting someone or referring to himself in the third person. We’re putting our money on referring to himself in the third person.

According to theprp, Moorehead will be filming a video for Danzig next month. “GIRLS – casting for a Danzig music video, filming next month,” his tweet says. “If you’re bad ass and into The Misfits/Samhain or Danzig, hit me up, PLZ RT.” So there’s definitely progress being made on the next Danzig record if they’re filming videos for it.

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