Don’t Hold Your Breath For A New Mötley Crüe Album

Posted by on August 29, 2012

Did you enjoy Mötley Crüe’s new song “Sex”? Well good, cause that might be the only new material you’ll hear from the Crüe for a while.

During an interview with Billboard, Nikki Sixx revealed that the band have no plans to record a full album’s worth of new material. Though admitting that it’s great to perform a new song, Sixx gave the following reason as to why Mötley Crüe’s “isn’t willing to commit” to a new album:

“It takes time to put together music. Right now we’re just writing music. There’s tons of material always there – there’s riffs for days, ideas, choruses here, verses there. For us, it’s how many songs have we written (and) how many do we love and what do we want to do with them? It’s about finding the time to go home, be off the road, get everybody in a room and start riffing and see where it does.”

Knowing how busy Mötley Crüe keep themselves (and let’s face it, they’re not the easiest group of guys to deal with), it’s not too hard to believe that getting them all four in a room to record can be challenging. We wouldn’t be surprised if Mötley Crüe will continue to opt for recording singles here and there instead of full albums, something that Tommy Lee has been advocating for in recent interviews. And you know what; maybe that’s not such a bad thing at all.

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