It’s been a few months since we’ve discussed Mötley Crüe, mainly because since their tour with Poison was already announced to much fanfare (thanks Supreme Court blog!) and frontman Vince Neil’s Las Vegas strip club finally opened. But just when you think they’ve quieted down, the band pop up to prove just how idiotic they can be, specifically Neil and drummer Tommy Lee.

First off, not content with picking up DUIs on the ground, Vince Neil will be getting his pilot’s license. Neil’s flight training is part of Sennheiser’s “Live Your Dream” campaign and will be part of the PBS show The Aviators this fall. Not living his dream is Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley, the Hanoi Rocks drummer who lost his life in a 1984 car accident in a car Neil was driving. He’s been caught driving drunk two times since then, but apparently, the bar isn’t set all that high for pilots. I’m just saying, given the choice between having Bruce Dickinson or Vince Neil as my pilot, the choice is clear.

And then there’s Tommy Lee. As one of the most popular drummers in rock and roll, you’d think that he’s used to the spotlight and has mastered the art of being in it. You’d be wrong. In an open letter on Facebook, Lee lambasted his fans that might want to get a picture taken with their idol.”I certainly don’t owe anybody anything,” he said in the lengthy post. “When I bought all my Led Zeppelin records and concert tickets, I didn’t say, ‘One day these fuckers are gonna owe me a picture.’ It’s the least they can do for me!…”

Sorry Tommy, but you can’t have it both ways. First of all, as an impressionable Zeppelin fan, if he had an opportunity to get his picture taken with the band, of course he would have done it. Lee is fortunate enough to have been in the spotlight for three times as long as Zeppelin was a band, and he’s likely inspired countless people to pick up a pair of sticks, not to mention plenty of female fans that want to go where Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear have gone before. In short,  because he’s a highly visible 50 year-old millionaire, he totally owes anyone that’s been a fan of his and supported him throughout his career a picture. Sure, there’s a time and a place, but no one’s asking him to be visible, they’re just asking him not to be a douchebag.