It’s been a pretty big year for Stone Sour. Last year’s Hydrograd had the biggest debut of their career, landing at #1 among actual albums sold. They’ve been on the road more or less ever since, and will be spending time on the road with Ozzy for his last big tour ever. And while frontman Corey Taylor will be busy with them, that doesn’t mean that he’s given up on Slipknot. The rest of the band have been working on the album since last year, but Taylor has made sure that Stone Sour is his focus – until this past weekend, anyway. Taylor shared the following status over the weekend.


Working… #slipknot

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So now we know a few things:

1) Looks like we might be getting some Slipknot sooner than we think. If Taylor has lyrics, and the band’s been working on music, looks like one song might be down.

2) There will be a song called “Birth Of” something…

3) Said song contains lyrics including “I’m just a,” “and tomorrow,” “Hey, hey,” and “Fist”

Okay, things are still kinda veiled in secrecy, but it’s encouraging to see that Taylor is working on the album now.