2017 is shaping up to be one challenging year due to a string of unfortunate events. There have been back to back cases consisting of mass shootings, suicides, accidental deaths, along with natural disasters that left many American’s homeless. Sadly, the year isn’t over yet and bad news continues to surface including the recent Harvey Weinstein accusations, making everyone question the entertainment industry as a whole. However, through darkness there is always a light to show a sign of hope and that good people do exist.

Yoshiki, leader of the iconic Japanese rock act X Japan has donated $100,000.00 to assist hurricane victims in the United States and its territories. The check was delivered this past Monday (9) to MusiCares, a charity of the Recording Academy via Jennifer Leff, LCSW Senior Director, Health & Human Services.

Yoshiki commented:

“I’m from Japan but I live in America. When Japan got hit by the Tsunami Earthquake in 2011, the people of America supported Japan. I was really moved by that, so I’d like to keep supporting America as much as I can. My heart goes out to all those who are affected.”

Yoshiki is currently traveling everywhere in support of the documentary We Are X, which is available to purchase. The rocker underwent emergency surgery back in May due to a severe neck injury, requiring him to cancel several shows. It looks like he’s still in pain but not letting that interfere with his passion and career.

Additionally, the artist has responded to Marilyn Manson’s recent incident, believing he will recover and happy to see him alive and well:

We Are X Trailer: