Violence breaks out at Cattle Decapitation show

Posted by on January 8, 2015

Things got bloody at a Cattle Decapitation show in LA last night when a 30 year old man attacked someone in the pit with a knife. Apparently, however, the person most injured was the attacker, who got knocked out by the crowd.


A male suspect, named by police as 30-year-old Adam Merrill, allegedly got upset after getting pushed around by fellow revelers in a mosh pit, then took out a knife and cut another person on the side of the neck.

Other attendees at the event, which was attended by around 150 people, then ganged up on him and knocked him unconscious.

The stabbing victim is fine, but the alleged attacker was hospitalized and will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon once he recovers.

Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez posted to Twitter from the show, saying, “I arrived and so did 7 police cars an ambulance and a fire truck. Someone got stabbed in the neck… Took that decapitation too far…”



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