Broken Hope Release Gorgasmic Video For “The Flesh Mechanic”

Posted by on October 21, 2013


What good are gory death metal lyrics if you have no visual aid to go with it? Enter Broken Hope, who have released the video for “The Flesh Mechanic” from their latest album Omen of Disease. It was directed by Corey Soria, who has worked with the likes of Danzig and Hollywood Undead. In charge of the bloody FX is Jamie Groove, who has been involved with little film projects you may have heard of like the Iron Man trilogy and the two Halloween remakes. Most of the video consists of the joyful and calming activity of carving people’s faces off and playing a rousing game of Operation with whatever is left over. Is it as NSFW as last year’s Cattle Decapitation video? Maybe not, since it’s allowed on Youtube. That said, you might not want to watch this in front of fragile souls or bosses.

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