This kid getting knocked out during a ‘circle pit’ is another reason we don’t like dubstep

Posted by on May 21, 2014


We’re not sure what show this was, or when it happened, but video has surfaced via LiveLeak of a kid getting knocked out at a show under the title “Metal kid didn’t see it coming.” It’s unclear what band is playing, but there’s definitely a bad dubstep breakdown with the singer begging to see a circle pit. While there’s some degree of moshing going on, and a few kids start running around in a circle, it’d be hard to call it a circle pit. At any rate, someone walks into the pit and sucker punches someone else in the pit. Again, with so little context, it’s hard to suss out whether the two knew each other or it was just a random attack, but it’s definitely bad mosh pit etiquette. Also, who moshes to dubstep? This pit would have been good to stay away from in the first place.

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