ted nugentIt’s been an ongoing joke for a few months to ask and report what Corey Taylor or Scott Ian think about any random subject, but there’s another one that also likes to pitch in on every topic, and that’s former rock star Ted Nugent.

After the surprising news of music legend Prince’s passing yesterday, the entire music community, including the metal one, reacted to the news and paid tribute to him on their own way or gave touching eulogies about him. But of course, Mr. Nugent also wanted to pitch in on the subject and actually claims that Prince and him were ‘musical blood brothers.’

During a recent interview with Texas’ KWTX, Nugent stated:

“Prince requested my guitar tech to bring one of my sacred Gibson Byrdland guitars to examine to be able to find out how I get the ‘Ted Nugent guitar tone, I think Prince and I were musical blood brothers.”

You can watch the short video interview below and if you happen to agree with the Nuge, you can just simply wait for more of his music to fill the void left by Prince, because, well, they’re musical blood brothers, right?


[via blabbermouth.net]