Talib Kweli cancelled Oslo show due to venue having booked Taake for ‘Inferno Metal Fest’

Posted by on November 19, 2018

In all fields of entertainment, which surpasses the entire metal category, there are several acts made to shock their audience. Whether it’s paying a visit to New York City’s Sleep No More, watching a disturbing film, participating in an escape room, attending a circus, or watching a wrestling match; these experiences are made to have a thrilling or frightening experience. With that said, the same can be applied to music. However, how far is too far?

Over the last few years alone, Antifa groups have found a way to get shows cancelled, especially black metal shows. Earlier this year, we were disappointed to hear about Taake’s U.S. tour being cancelled. Despite the group’s explanation and apologies over the last 11 years, Antifa reminded all on the band’s shocking performance back in 2007 when band leader, Hoest performed live with a swastika painted on his chest in Germany. Placing shock value to entertain can get tricky and messy as it can turn into something offensive and unforgivable. However, music has an extensive history with courting controversy for shock value purposes as well as reminding all that history should not repeat itself including hip-hop artists that have raised a Confederate flag to nearly the entire punk scene from the 70s and 80s, and many more. Due to the extensive history in entertainment, there is a blurred line between what’s shockingly entertaining and horribly shocking. 

Prior to Taake’s entire U.S tour being cancelled, Talib Kweli cancelled his Kansas City gig due to the Norwegian black metal outfit had booked the same venue. While Taake were aiming to perform music across the country not to inflict hate and physical violence, an Antifa group publicly threatened the band and their fans. We had spoken to Hoest about these claims as the group issued a statement as well on Facebook clarifying they are not, were not, and never will be a Nazi band.

Fast forward to today (19th), Kweli has returned to cancel a show at the Rockerfeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway due to the same reasons from February: Taake are booked to perform at the same venue on April 19th at the Inferno Metal Festival.

Kweli explained via a series of Tweets/re-Tweets about the situation:

Meanwhile, Pitchfork reached out to Hoest as he responded with the following statement:

“He seriously thinks we’re Nazis? I have done nothing but deny this for the past eleven years, but this is what happens when Antifa run one of their slanderous campaign—there is always some jerk who takes them seriously. Personally I think it was an appalling thing to do both to his fans, and the venue, with which we have had good relations for the past 15 years.

I was a bit surprised to find he had booked this particular European show. I didn’t want to sink to his level by making anyone aware of it and spoiling it for him and his fans, even though that is something he himself seems to take great pride and pleasure in doing to other bands. Not sure if he is playing in any other venues in Europe where Taake also plays regularly.

At the end of the day I imagine this will now give venues world-wide pause for thought before actually booking and promoting him in case he is likely to agree to do a show and then pull out at the last minute because of other bands who have played there in the past, or who are booked to play in the future.”

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