Smashing Pumpkins drummer hints at 2018 tour reunion with original lineup

Posted by on June 29, 2017

Founding Smashing Pumpkins member Billy Corgan has been touring the past several years under the band’s name but, without the original lineup. The last time the original lineup shared the same stage was nearly two decades ago on April 24th, 1999 in Los Angeles. According to a brand new interview, it looks like we might see a reunion sometime in 2018. We should take rumors with a grain of salt, however, this one could be promising. Justin Kaufmann, host of The Download on WGN Radio in Chicago recently spoke with drummer Jimmy Chamberlin who reunited with the band back in 2016, a first in sixteen years.

The drummer shared a cryptic hint through a Grumpy Old Men comparison:

“We were talking about playing next year with the band and somebody asked me, you know, ‘What’s it like trying to coordinate that?’ I said it’s like ‘Grumpy Old Men 3′, only there’s four grumpy old men and one’s a woman.’ [Laughs] So… that’s how it’s gotten to be.”

Additionally, he explained his unique relationship with Corgan:

“The two hours that we spend playing music together is the greatest thing in the world. It’s the other twenty-two hours of the day that him and I are… He’s got opinions, I’ve got opinions; we’re both grown men, right? D’Arcy [Wretzky] I think, summed it up the best when she said… When they asked her just an insanely rude and misogynistic question… They said, ‘What’s it like being a girl in the Smashing Pumpkins?’ And she said, ‘It’s like being married to three guys you wouldn’t even date.’ [Laughs] So I think that’s the best answer.”

Check out the full interview below:


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