Just a few months back we heard that Randy Blythe’s book, “Dark Days” would be coming out this summer, and now the Lamb of God vocalist has revealed the cover design – and new subtitle – via his personal Instagram account.

Here’s what Blythe had to say about the cover:

“Ah, the final cover art for my book came in, & here it is- I am pleased! The cover was designed by Paul R. Brown of Bau-da Design Lab; Paul is a photographer, director, & graphic designer who has worked with a million bands on album covers & videos, as well as doing book covers for Nikki Sixx, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crüe & my pal Corey Taylor. The two photographs incorporated into the design were both taken by me; one is of Pankrác prison- I took this photo when I went back for trial- & the other is a self-portrait- I put on some extreme right wing talk radio and hit a remote shutter button a million times- wanted to make sure I had forgotten about the camera so I would get an “honest” photo- the radio did the trick- I was HIGHLY disturbed listening to their insane rantings, & that was what you see in the photo. I did NOT want my photo on the cover of the book, as it is not really a typical “rock memoir” & there are more than enough photos of me out there already, but it IS my first book, so I acquiesced to the publisher’s request. At least it’s not a cheesy “author/rock singer” photo, just me hanging out in my study, thinking about how nutty some people are. Note that the subtitle at bottom is simply “A Memoir”, NOT “My Trials & Tribulations”- I hated that, but we needed a working subtitle & someone else threw it out there & before I knew it BLAM it was up on Amazon.”

“Dark Days: A Memoir,” covers the time that Blythe spent in a prison in Prague in 2012, awaiting trial for the death of a fan at a Lamb of God concert in 2010. The book will be out July 14th, and is available for pre-order right now on Amazon.

Dark Days My Tribulations and Trials

(via Skulls N Bones)