Phil Anselmo is one of the busiest men in metal. Even outside of his musical output, he’s got a label (Housecore), a music and film festival (The Housecore Horror Film Festival) and a budding acting career (Metal Grasshopper). When you throw in Down and Superjoint as well as his solo project, Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals, that’s a busy schedule. That doesn’t mean he’s sitting around idly with the 10 seconds of time he has free, as in an interview with Hellbound, he gave some details about a new project, Scour, that’s a death metal supergroup of sorts.

Scour will feature Anselmo Derek Engemann from Cattle Decapitation and Chase Fraser, formerly of Animosity, bassist John Jarvis from Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fulgora,  and drummer Jesse Schobel of Strong Intention and Cast the Stone. Anselmo says it’s already been completed:

The death metal thing, well really it’s tracked and, in my opinion, finished. It’s a matter of negotiation now between me and one of the other members of when and why and what and band names and all. It’s all political stuff and semantics. Other than that, the Scour thing was something that just popped up, and it’s something that I think I can kill, something I can lay it out. They’re short songs. It’s a short EP, and that’s something I can knock out, I guess, after the Danzigs tour. And yes, I said Danzigs, and that’s a long story.

What style is Scour?

I think (there’s) one of the fellows from Cattle Decapitation, but it’s predominantly, in my ear, modern-ish black metal-sounding, thrashy black metal type stuff. I’m going to put my own spin on it. I don’t have to sound like your boy from Gorgoroth (laughter) to get the point across, man. There’s other ways of singing over that style of music, and I shall employ many styles.

No word on release date, or what label it’ll be coming out on, but if we were betting men, we’d say “Housecore” and “next year,” based on Anselmo’s schedule. He’s on tour with Superjoint and Danzig until Halloween, then the third Housecore Horror Festival from November 13-15. You can keep up with Scour on Facebook, though.