Petition launched to block Suicide Silence album from being released

Posted by on February 6, 2017

With Suicide Silence releasing their self-titled album on February 24th, reaction from the first two singles has proven to be polarizing. And by “polarizing,” we mean, “not very good.” “Doris,” the first song released, has 13,500 thumbs up on YouTube, but 22,800 thumbs down.”Silence,” released last week, has about 3,400 thumbs up to 7,700 thumbs down. At least people are reacting, though, even if Eddie Hermida’s venture into clean singing isn’t going over so great. In fact, Rockfeed notes that a petition has been launched to stop Nuclear Blast from releasing the album.

Started by Vince Carmichael, the Change.org petition doesn’t even give an official explanation, aside from the title of the petition, which is “Suicide Silence: Don’t release new album. Plz. #NoDoris.” However, it’s taken off, garnering over 1,560 supporters in two days. A link goes to the Facebook page Sexually Transmitted Memes, who seem kind of surprised that their idea has taken off. “Honestly didn’t think there was so much hate towards a band that you would sign a petition that took literally 2 seconds to make,” it says. The deathcore outfit haven’t publicly said anything about the petition, but so far, they’ve had a good sense of humor about their change in direction.


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