New Testament to be complete by Thanksgiving

Posted by on June 15, 2015

The new Testament album was, “close to three quarters written,” back in March, and now it looks like the band will get back to work in the coming weeks. In a recent interview at UK Download Festival with the Mike James Rock Show, vocalist Chuck Billy said the finish line is in sight for Testament’s follow up to 2012s Dark Roots of Earth.

Said Billy,

“We have about five or six tracks to write left. As soon as we get home [from tour] — we’re home next week — we’ll jump right into it. We’ll be home for a few months.”

He continued: “Usually we write and record all in one without any touring. This is the first time we really said, ‘Let’s take a break. We’ve got some good offers. Let’s go to Europe. [Let’s] get away from this.’

“We’ve been out for ten weeks, so now we’re, like, ‘Okay, we go home next week.’ We’re ready to go home, ready to jump right back into finishing the record…”

Chuck Billy went on to say they they hope to have the new album done by Thanksgiving, then they’ll be heading to South America with Cannibal Corpse in Novemeber and December.




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