Metallica releasing their own beer ‘Enter Night’ Pilsner

Posted by on January 14, 2019

source: https://www.facebook.com/Metallica/

Metallica has ascended to the ranks of legendary metal bands with a beer. As if the band’s lengthy list of accomplishments needs padding, and let’s not forget their Blackened Whiskey in a jar. With the announcement of Metallica’s Enter Night Pilsner, the group joins, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and Motorhead atop the list of notable “beer metal” bands. Sold initially at select Metallica shows this past fall, Enter Night is now fully available across the US in 16oz six pack cans and kegs, with an international rollout set for the spring. The Metallica pilsner will sport a 5.7 ABV with 45 IBUs for those in the know. Brewed and Distributed by Arrogant Consortia, a wholly owned imprint of Stone Brewing, Enter Night is described as a hop-forward pilsner with a bitter finish. Fans of Beer and Metallica should jump on this ASAP, as the band was heavily involved with the entire process, making sure that their vision was realized and brought to life in the most authentic way imaginable. Bottoms up!

You can find Enter Night by using the Arrogant Consortia beer finder.

The legends explained:

“It’s certainly been no secret, but we are beyond excited to make the official announcement and introduction to Enter Night Pilsner, our collaboration with Arrogant Consortia​, a Stone Brewing imprint. If you’ve been to one of our recent arena shows, you may have sipped from the black and red cans or even picked up a few in the surrounding neighborhoods. Now we’re expanding nationwide, and come spring, taking it international covering Europe, Australia, China and beyond!

Keep watching for Enter Night Pilsner at our shows as we fire up the tour again later this week and check out the Arrogant Consortia beer finder to locate Enter Night near you at find.arrogantconsortia.com.


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