Metallica has collaborated with Nixon to release eight watches plus one Limited Edition. The collection will be available on 11/5 both in stores and online at Pre-orders are currently available on the newly designed Metallica website.  

Collection details are as follows:

Corporal SS “…And Justice for All” $250 USD

Rugged and functional, in a stainless steel case crafted with unique angles, 3-hand movement with large numeral indices, a printed seconds track, plus:

  •      Custom crown detail and stamped custom dial
  •      Metallica Sword seconds hand


A timeless design with the modern Nixon twist of faceted applied hour indices plus:

Sentry Leather “Seek & Destroy” $200 USD

  •      Bullet indices
  •      “Flying V” seconds hand
  •      Embossed bullet crown
  •      “Seek and Destroy” internal band print

Sentry Leather “Black Album” $250 USD

  •      Full grain leather
  •      Metallica Barb seconds hand
  •      Leather textured dial


Nixon’s all-time best-seller with a 5-link stainless steel and an unpretentious, versatile appearance that works anywhere anytime, plus:

Time Teller “Ride the Lightning” $125 USD

  •      “Ride the Lightning” design under crystal
  •      Metallica Barb seconds hand

Time Teller “Kill ‘Em All” $125 USD

  •      Metallica Hammer arm
  •      “Kill ‘Em All” custom dial
  •      Metallica Barb seconds hand

Time Teller “Pushead” $125 USD

  •      Nail hour & minutes hand
  •      Torq screw indices
  •      Metallica Barb seconds hand
  •      “Pushead” etched detail

Time Teller “Hardwired” $125 USD

  •      Glitch Metallica logo
  •      “Hardwired” custom dial
  •      Metallica Barb seconds hand

51-30 MODEL

51-30 “Master of Puppets” $500 USD

The 3-link stainless steel easy-to-read 51 mm design that launched the oversized trend, with:

  •      Unique multilayer “Cross” dial
  •      Metallica Barb seconds hand
  •      Textured center links
  •      Helmet cross embossed crown


51-30 Tide LTD “Sanitarium” $750 USD

Easy-to-read 51 mm design that launched the oversized trend, with adjustable tide tracker, plus:

  •      Custom bezel with “Prison Bar” cage

  •      Tally marks on dial ring

  •      “Insane / Sane” sub dial

  •      Embossed tally marks on crown

Additionally, a Nixon Metallica watch would pair well with a delicious bottle of Metallica Blackened Whiskey, which will tell you when it’s 5’oclock, somewhere, in style.

These legends have partnered with master distiller extraordinaire Dave Pickerell to create Blackened. This delicious American whiskey blend will be available in select U.S. cities later this week and online at or 

The band commented:

“We are fortunate to have a long-time collaboration with Meyer Sound, who have engineered a proprietary subwoofer that amplifies the low frequency sound waves and all the planets aligned. It just so happens that the low-frequency range needed for Dave’s vision was the range you hear in our music and the process of sonic-enhancement we call ‘Black Noise’ was born. A patent-pending process, the playlists that we create helps to shape the flavor of the whiskey.

And you guessed it, the soundwave that fronts the bottle comes from ‘Blackened’ and we’re pretty sure you know why the inaugural batch is labeled 081.”


Speaking of sub woofers, read more about the best 12 inch sub woofer.