Metal Power Rankings: AC/DC rocks a second week at the top

Posted by on December 19, 2014

Welcome to Metal Power Rankings: Our weekly rankings take a number of factors into account: newsworthiness, record sales, internet buzz, word of mouth and overall importance in the genre. Ultimately, it’s subjective, but if a band generates enough buzz, they’ll wind up on the list. This week, AC/DC shows staying power, Mastodon tops some year end charts, and Periphery and Manson make a showing.


1) AC/DC (no change) 

While AC/DC’s #3 debut on the charts last week was a little underwhelming given the 750,000+ that Black Ice sold six years prior, the fact that it sold nearly 100,000 in week #2 and remained  in the top five is truly impressive.


2) Slipknot (no change)

The record just keeps selling, and it’s getting a good deal of year-end album list attention too, especially for a band most elitists hate by default. That’s probably because it’s awesome, but you knew that if you read our own list!

3) Mastodon (re-entry)

The band have the #1 album of the year at metal radio, according to CMJ. They also have the #1 album at Metal Insider, according to us.


4) At the Gates (last week 3)

Loads of critical attention, and the upcoming tour with Converge is one of the most hotly-anticipated packages of 2015 so far.


5) Pallbearer (last week 4)

Even non-metalheads are discovering Foundations of Burden now. This, Yob and possibly At the Gates will all keep seeing crossover fandom as year-end lists come in.


6) Megadeth (last week 7)

There is one very good thing for Dave Mustaine about Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover announcing a new project: when he’s pissed at old band members and has something to prove, he usually comes back with a vengeance and a sleek new lineup. (See Rust in Peace and Endgame for more on that.)


7) Five Finger Death Punch (last week 8) 

450,000 sold this week – and that’s just for Vol. 1 of their two-album set. Hard to believe that there are still lots of people consistently buying this, but more power to ’em.


8) Electric Wizard (debut)

It’s hard to imagine that it will have been 13 years since the band’s last U.S. tour when they take to the road next year.


9) Periphery (re-entry)

Each of the three songs that Periphery has released from next year’s double-album Juggernaut have been pretty stellar, but “22 Faces” might be the best yet.


10) Anthrax (last week 10)

When Clutch sang “Anthrax, ham radio and liquor,” during “50,000 Unstoppable Watts,” they couldn’t possibly have known that one day, the band would have their own bourbon.


11) Yob (last week 15)

Clearing the Path to Ascend is currently duking it out with Pallbearer for the title of Token Critically Acclaimed Metal Album on Non-Metal Year-End Lists in 2014. That’s OK by us, because it’s a great record.


12) Marilyn Manson (debut)

People were thrown for a loop by the almost Nick Cave-like sound of “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge,” but “Deep Six,” released this week, showed that he’s still got some of the old sound left in him.


13) Wovenwar (debut)

Have you seen the tours this band keeps ending up on? First Periphery to start the year, and now they’re keep right on going deep into March with In Flames. If Wovenwar wants you to forget about As I Lay Dying, they’re doing a damn fine job of it.


14) Machine Head (last week 9) 

Sagging sales give us grounds for concern, though the headlining run next month will surely help. Bloodstone and Diamonds also doesn’t seem to be seeing the level of critical acclaim that Unto the Locust and The Blackening did, though there’s no denying it has lots of fans.


15) Septicflesh (debut) 

Why are we including Septicflesh? Because their drummer got decapitated!  And by that, we mean that former Decapitated and Behemoth drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner as their new drummer.


DROPPED: Testament, Dimebag Darrell, Metallica, Korn, In This Moment, Coal Chamber







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