Anthrax are making bourbon now

Posted by on December 18, 2014

anthraxindiansIt’s getting to the point that if you’re a metalhead with a bar, you can stock it almost completely with booze from your favorite bands. There’s beer from Iron MaidenMastodon, and Clutch, wine from Megadeth, Maynard James Keenan and Motorhead (to name a few), and now, Anthrax has their own bourbon, “Indians.” Here’s how the press release describes it:

Anthrax has aligned with Jefferson’s Bourbon, the Kentucky-based company that produces special, limited edition “small batch” whiskeys by blending a variety of aged bourbons and rye whiskeys. Anthrax’s “Indians,” a single barrel bourbon, was personally chosen by the band and will taste like no other due to its particular blend and the barrel it was aged in.

“We’ve been wanting to come up with a special item like this, something that was unusual, one-of-a-kind, not a t-shirt or hoodie or poster,” said the band’s Frank Bello “and ‘Indians’ was perfect.”

The bourbon isn’t cheap – it’ll cost $75/bottle, and that’s only if you pick it up in Atlantic City at the Atlantic City Bottle Company. It’s $100 other than that, but it comes with a signed peice of the stave the that the bottle was aged in. It’s a little odd in that Anthrax aren’t really thought of as drinkers. In fact, Scott Ian famously talks about the first time he got drunk (via Lemmy) in his Swearing Words DVD. It’s also a little odd that they would name a bourbon after Native Americans, but they could have chosen far worse names.


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