The screen capture of Lemmy Kilmister (left) is from a video posted in October of 2014, and the image at right is from the February issue of Decibel Magazine from the same year. That’s not a good progression for less than a years time.

In mid-2014 Lemmy told Rolling Stone he’d continue playing as long as he could, explaining:

“… because you kind of owe it to the people that put you up here. You should deliver. But if I can’t deliver, I’m never going to be a figurehead up there and just play for money. I could never do that. I’ve seen people do it, and it’s just frightful.”

Lemmy, now 69 years old, recently appeared on “One On One With Mitch Lafon,” and if you listen to the audio below he doesn’t sound great, but he does sound pretty determined to keep performing. Lemmy is god, of course, so if anyone’s going to be able to keep moving forward, it’s him.

(via Metal Injection)