Is there any point in obtaining a master’s degree in music education?

Posted by on April 3, 2017

Music is a beautiful thing and to be able to impart the knowledge of music on young minds is probably the most fulfilling part of being a music teacher. However, in order to educate your students and nurture young talents successfully, you may need to get an advanced degree in music education yourself. It could be an online MMME program or an offline traditional degree; the result will almost be the same, with a few variables. If you are still having trouble deciding whether or not it is worth it, read on and see if making that decision becomes easier.

Increase in Knowledge
You could be taking Capstone courses to focus on a particular field of music that appeals to you the most. Not only will this improve your knowledge and skills as a teacher, you could become a better musician for it. A master’s course will expand your field of knowledge beyond what you already know, in addition to enhancing the knowledge you already have. Expect advanced classes on musical foundations, musical analysis, instrumental training, and use of modern technology in contemporary music.

Teaching Techniques
The faculty, which is tasked with teaching the teachers themselves, are usually very experienced and can offer something to you that no study material can. They will teach you how to educate in ways that would otherwise take you years of experience to figure out on your own. Just by observing the faculty in action during your classes or other interactions, you will learn more about teaching music.

Better Career Options
If you complete your online master of music in music education degree from a reputed university like Rutgers Online, not only will advanced career options open up for you, but you will also be able to pursue your Ph.D. in music education now. Even if you have a job at a music school at this time, once you get a master’s degree, you should become eligible to move up the ladder to a higher position more quickly. This is why online MMME degrees are convenient due to the flexibility in the curriculum that they bring to the table. Attending classes and holding a job at the same time becomes much more feasible as result.

As a professional, there is nothing better than being able to share ideas and learn from each other. Going through an advanced degree course in music allows you to interact and build relationships with experienced teachers and talented co-workers in the field. You could be discussing and sharing everything from classroom management tips to musical concepts from a bygone era with some of the best people in the business.

Therefore, the short answer to the question at the beginning of this article is yes, there is more than just one point to a master’s degree in music education. It’s a way to take your career, your teaching skills and your professional life as a music teacher and a musician, to the next level.

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