Metal Insider’s Top 5: Back to school jams

Posted by on August 26, 2015

Jack-Black-edit-300x300As the parents around the country start to sing the Christmas jingle about it being the “most wonderful time of the year,” there are thousands of students returning to their respective schools and universities to continue their education. Whether they are going willingly, or because it’s the law, it’s an annual rite of passage for every kid and anyone seeking a college degree or above. It’s also the subject of enough metal videos that it calls for a list. These next few songs are guaranteed to brighten up the school day.

5) Deftones, “Back to School


A shortened and altered version of White Pony‘s album-closing “Mini Maggit,” the band completely regrets this song. They view it as something that was done out of anger to show their label they could make a heavy hit single, and wish that it wasn’t on the re-released version of the album. However, the video, showing singer Chino Moreno standing on desks and rapping/singing in front of a disinterested class, is still pretty iconic.

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