Hollowed Records sign exclusive distribution deal with Kontrolla Music Group

Posted by on November 24, 2021

Tampa-based Hollowed Records has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with Kontrolla Music Group. The label, known for talented underground rock and metal acts, partners with the Los Angeles-based distribution company as Hollowed Records features the following upcoming releases And Hell Followed With – The Well (12/3) and Coldharbour’s Soul Tempest (12/10). 

Hollowed Records’ PJ Mc Tiernan comments:

“We’re incredibly excited to be signing an exclusive deal with Kontrolla Music Group as our distributor. Their fresh mindset on the music industry blends perfectly with the vision we have for the future of Hollowed Records. “We believe that bringing these underground artists into the spotlight will help bring Metal further into the mainstream, combining popular sounds and reintroducing older styles with a modern twist.”



Hollowed Records was established in Tampa, Florida by Andrew Zink, PJ Mc Tiernan, and Connor Reibling. The trio started the label in 2013, with a strong vision of putting it’s artists at the forefront, focusing on artistic freedom and growth.


The label’s early years saw them work primarily with Black-Metal and Progressive-Technical Metal artists, and, over time, slowly diversified to a more expansive catalogue with genres covering all corners of the music world. Today, the label carries an impressive roster, boasting tens of millions of streams worldwide. Hollowed Records continues to push modern Metal and Rock with artists such as Colormaze, Dreamchaser and BROJOB.



Founded by Anthony Pacheco (simpl.) and Chelsea Coronin (Famined Records), Kontrolla Music Group was born with a simple idea in mind: to break ranks and offer musicians more artist-centric deals.

With Kontrolla, artists don’t have to part ways with their masters, nor are they left to their own devices when it comes to planning, organizing and releasing a record. Kontrolla provides distribution, funding and marketing, all in house, to give artists guidance, structure, services and combined decades of experience in the music industry.

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