Since launching in 2010, Good Fight has been making an impact on the metal scene as both a label and management company. This morning, though, Good Fight Music has announced a new exclusive worldwide partnership with another established label: eOne Music.

The deal will reportedly bring the two labels’ rosters together. Good Fight founder and president Carl Severson had the following to say about the new partnership:

“As I’ve navigated the changing landscape of the music industry I’ve always maintained the same goal; to grow the label as aggressively as possible. I’ve always loved finding young talent and helping it thrive. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a great deal of success with that over the years with Ferret and now Good Fight Music by taking artists to previously unreached levels. Bringing the record label side of Good Fight Music to eOne will allow me to pursue my goals more aggressively than ever and align the Good Fight Music roster with a brand new wealth of resources and talent. It’s exciting!”

eOne Music’s VP of Rock and Metal Scott Givens shared Severson’s enthusiasm, saying:

“We are thrilled to have Good Fight and their amazing stable of acts join the eOne Music family.  Carl’s track record at discovering and breaking new talent speaks for itself and both Carl, myself and the whole eOne team are looking forward bringing forth many new releases in 2012.”

Albums from The Contortionist, The Chariot and Conditions will be among the first to be released via this new partnership. Though not confirmed, it’s safe to assume that the deal will also include Good Fight’s distribution labels like Black Market Activities. With a couple exceptions, eOne’s roster includes already established metal acts, while Good Fight focuses more on hardcore and younger metal groups. It’ll be interesting to see how the new relationship will benefit both labels and their already existing bands.