Comedian Kathy Griffin shocked many this week after posting a photograph of herself holding a fake decapitated head of President Donald Trump. Since then, Griffin received backlash from the controversial post resulting in her getting let go from CNN and publicly apologizing to everyone on Twitter. Her freedom of speech wasn’t taken lightly and to some extent, it appears comedian Jim Carrey is the only one at her defence.

However, Griffin wasn’t the first and most likely won’t be the last to do something like this. We have already seen Marilyn Manson’s video beheading a Trump look-alike, we can buy an NSFW Brujeria bloody Trump head shirt, and don’t forget the album artwork in Phobia’s Lifeless God. It wasn’t too long ago when GWAR shared a brawl video between Trump and Hillary Clinton on election day. Now, they are pissed off at Griffin for stealing their idea. For those who are unaware, GWAR is known for beheading celebrities and politicians during their live shows for years, regardless of political party.

The mighty Beefcake shared a video yelling at Griffin telling her to find her own original ideas. Following this message, he announced a new GWAR album is on the way.

Check out the video below: