Gene Simmons talks about recent house search

Posted by on September 8, 2015

Remember when Gene Simmons’ home was searched last month by the LAPD department tasked with fighting child pornography online? Well, in a recent interview Simmons reveals some details of what is going on with the investigation.

From a news.com.au interview with  Simmons:

“We came back from hiking and there was a crack taskforce from the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Police Department, and they asked for permission to come in and search our home, and we said, ‘Sure, why not,’ ” Simmons said.

“So they came in and searched all over the place, and then two or three hours later we all sat down.

“What happened was, we were off on tour about a year ago, and somehow our (internet connection) was used by some very bad people to do porn of a certain kind — the worst kind.

At the moment none of the Simmons family is a suspect; Gene was out on tour, the children were in Canada, and his was Shannon wasn’t even in the country.


(via Metal Hammer)

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