Dropkick Murphys team up with Death Wish Coffee on St. Patrick’s Day livestream

Posted by on March 11, 2021


Dropkick Murphys are gearing up for their St. Patrick’s Day livestream but this year they have teamed up with Death Wish Coffee for limited edition merch. In addition to Still Locked Down merch, Death Wish Coffee will offer a limited edition t-shirt, crew shirt, bandana and mug here during the band’s livestream. The event will be free but the band will be accepting donations that will be used to support their employees and a charity of their choice. Anyone who donates will see their name scroll across the bottom of the screen live during the performance.

Mike Brown, Founder and CEO of Death Wish Coffee, commented on the collaboration:

“In most years I’m able to see five or six live music shows. My favorite of those is seeing Dropkick Murphys live at the House of Blues in Boston around St. Patrick’s Day. They never disappoint and always go above and beyond for their fans and their community. Not seeing that show last year was a disappointment, but having the opportunity to enjoy it via live stream while drinking an Irish Death Wish Coffee and a Guinness at home wasn’t bad at all. I’d say it was one of the bright spots of my year for 2020.

Live music is very important to us all—especially right now. Music is like coffee for the soul, so when my team said we had an opportunity to help support the best live music show of the year for over 10 million people, we couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Death Wish Coffee’s purpose is to fuel people’s passions—and when you combine that with Dropkick Murphys’ live music around St. Patrick’s Day, you get a feeling that is hard to describe unless you tune in. One of the best ways to get through this pandemic is scheduling things to look forward to. So, take a minute, put this on your calendar, and draw a big green shamrock around it. Pick up some whiskey, Death Wish Coffee, and an Irish stout, and you’ll be waiting in joyful anticipation until the day arrives.”

The last time the band and Death Wish Coffee teamed up, they were able to raise $135,000 to support The Claddagh Fund, helping underfunded charities in the Boston and Philadelphia communities.

“Since 2018, with the support of our passionate and loyal customers, Death Wish Coffee has raised nearly $135,000 to support The Claddagh Fund serving underfunded charities in the Boston and Philadelphia communities. Death Wish Coffee is relentlessly devoted to fueling our customers’ passion and our mission to promote unity and strength through our coffee.”

The stream will take place Wednesday, March 17 at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT and can be viewed here. The band is also about to drop their 10th studio album, Turn Up That Dial out April 30, 2021. Watch their latest single, “Middle Finger” below!

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