Pelican has entered the coffee-metal crossover market, a market one might call crowded considering we’ve seen it from KISS and Megadeth. The instrumental alt-metal (post-metal, whatever, shut up) act isn’t going the commercial route, though. The “Pelican Ephemeral Bean Blend” will only be available at a record release show in Chicago next month.

More on the collaboration with Chicago’s Intelligentsia Coffee:

This record release show will also be the sole location to purchase PELICAN’s Ephemeral Bean Blend; the band’s own limited edition collaboration with Intelligentsia Coffee of Chicago. The band states: “The richest, most complex flavors take patience and skill to craft and are over far too quickly. In that spirit we are proud to present this blend of coffee beans, who have known artisan care from their moment of inception at the farms at which they were grown to the roastery where their delicate nuances were honed to perfection by the skilled craftsmen at Intelligentsia. Enjoy the moment while it lasts.”

The show will take place March 12 in Chicago.