Dave Mustaine hopes to deliver ‘Dystopia’ follow up spring of 2019

Posted by on December 6, 2018

In a conversation with Eddie Trunk on Sirius XM radio, Dave Mustaine discussed working on a new Megadeth record, stating:

“We’re just assembling all the pieces right now. We’re now in the process of finalizing all the arrangements. So we’re hoping for a spring release next year.”

In the interview, Mustaine gave high praise to drummer Dirk Verbeuren who joined Megadeth by recommendation of Lamb Of God drummer, Chris Adler.

While talking about Verbeuren, Mustaine said,

“We posted a little clip of him online and people freaked out over it.”

Later he was asked about working with Kiko Loureiro (Angra) and working with musicians from around the world, Mustaine commented:

“Well, that’s the weird thing, too, where music transcends language barriers, because when we try and talk, sometimes I understand what he’s saying, sometimes I don’t. But when it comes down to the music, I always understand what he’s saying.”

Mustaine showed an appreciation for all of Megadeth’s different members over the years,

“Everybody had their contribution to Megadeth. A lot of people showed us good things to do; some of them showed us bad things to do. And I don’t look at anybody that’s been with us and regret having them with us. The way that some of us parted ways and how we treat one another nowadays is kind of unfortunate, ’cause we don’t get to spend a lot of time together. I think when you have breakups, people just kind of have an unnecessary wall that’s there. ‘Cause I’m grateful for everything that they’ve done. But sometimes breakups are hard.”

With that being said, 2019 will be a busy year for Megadeth as they are also scheduled to support Ozzy Osbourne’s No More Tours trek, will board their first-ever Megacruise, and a possible Kegadeth festival. Due to their exciting schedule, who knows, maybe they will make another Jeopardy appearance

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