The next Megadeth album might have blast beats on it

Posted by on December 13, 2016


Photo: Wes Orshoski

It’s been a great year for Megadeth. Not only was Dystopia a nice comeback album that garnered the band another Grammy nomination and will likely end the year as one of the 100 best-selling albums of 2016, but the band picked up a new drummer in Soilwork’s Dirk Verbeuren. They also got their own beer, and tonight, Mustaine will be co-hosting the Epiphone Revolver Music Awards. And while they’re still enjoying the year, Mustaine is already looking forward to the band’s next album, which could feature blast beats according to the singer. He was asked by Metal Hammer what album he’d want to be remembered by, he stated Dystopia, saying: 

“In terms of pushing my playing and songwriting, and the re-acquaintance of David Ellefson and myself, and with Kiko being such an un-fucking-believable guitar player, I would have to pick Dystopiaat this point. But now Dirk Verbeuren’s in the band, I’m really looking forward to what’s next. When we get into the rehearsal room, warming up for the shows, and we hear Dirk playing some blastbeats, I’m questioning what Megadeth is going to sound like when we make the next record and we have those skull-numbing beats going on, it’s gonna push my playing to otherworldly limits. I’m excited because I can do the fast metal stuff, but having the chops and musical depth that Kiko has and with Ellefson holding down the fort, I’m really looking forward to the next record. I started thinking about it the day we left the studio after making Dystopia. That’s just how I’m wired.”

Well, now we’re really looking forward to the next album too!  

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