Dave Mustaine calls out the “two quitters” in Golden God acceptance speech

Posted by on June 16, 2015

Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine was already crowned this year’s “Golden God,” by Metal Hammer Magazine, and last night he was able to give his acceptance speech (after shooting a few selfies). Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian introduced Mustaine, who gave a quick speech that will surely ruffle some heavy metal feathers.

Said Mustaine upon accepting his “Golden God” award,

“I made myself some notes today. I was talking with my management, and I have a knack for getting myself in trouble. So I made some notes of what I wasn’t gonna say. I’m not gonna slag anybody. So the list is: Don’t slag Metallica; don’t slag the ‘Rust In Peace’ lineup; don’t slag the two quitters; don’t slag Obama. So there’s not really a lot to say.”

The Rust in Peace line-up did some slagging of their own earlier this year, with former drummer Nick Menza accusing Mustaine of ripping him off, and guitarist Marty Friedman saying it’d be a step backwards to rejoin Megadeth. The, “two quitters,” quip is an obvious jab at guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover who quit the band last November. Those, “two quitters,” then formed Act of Defiance together, along with vocalist Henry Derek (formerly Scar the Martyr) and Shadows Fall bassist Matt Bachand.



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