Want to hear some “new” music from Tool?

Posted by on June 30, 2014

toolWe’ve been waiting for a new album from Tool for quite some time. Even as they keep sporadically touring, it seems like we’re still getting nowhere closer to finally hearing new Tool material. Well last week, guitarist Adam Jones treated fans to new music from Tool… well, sort of.

Jones uploaded a short video via Facebook of him playing a “new” riff along with the following explanation:

“Before the last tour we wrote a new part in the middle of ‘Hooker’ to play live. I often record new riffs & ideas on my phone to remember them right after the jam.

Enjoy (*Blue tape covers Band Aid covering cut finger)”

So yeah, for those who’ve been waiting for new music from Tool (aka, almost everyone), this might be the ultimate cock-tease. With that said, somewhat new music from Adam Jones (even if it was only used for live purposes) is better than nothing…right?

Watch Jones playing the “new” riff that he wrote for the tour below.

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