Tool to resume work on next album (for real)

Posted by on April 3, 2014


The last time we got an update on the next Tool album, it turned out to be not a real update. This is legit though as it comes from a newsletter posted to the band’s website this past Monday. For the record, this wasn’t actually written by a member of the band, but a staff member who manages the website. Here is an excerpt:

With the latest mini-tour now a thing of the past, members of the band will continue working on material for their next record after taking a short break in order to unpack and sort through their mail. I say “continue” because – contrary to those who thought that the tour would only further delay the writing process -with all four band members together during sound checks, catering, etc., I’m fairly certain that they spent a considerable portion of that time experimenting with new tunes. In which case, the tour might have actually sped things up a bit. But then again, this snifter of cognac is half full…

Besides writing and arranging new songs, there is one other Tool project that was in the works prior to the tour that I will update you on should I hear anything (Yep, the so-called “curve ball.”) Likewise with another item of interest to both Tool fans and drummers in general that I will post in the news section once I receive more details.

This is less of an update and more of a reassurance that the band is actually working on the album and not mucking about like Metallica (no offense). That mention of a another Tool project is interesting though. Is it related to either of Maynard James Keenan’s side bands or Danny Carey’s Volto! that debuted last year? Or will it be something new altogether? Considering they re-released Opiate last year 21 years after it was released, it could stand to reason that a 21st anniversary of Undertow might come out as well. Regardless, when the band wants us to know we’ll know. In the meantime, might we suggest checking out Lesser Key to sate your appetite for Tool-related music?

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