While Iceland has a suprisingly robust metal scene, one wouldn’t think it would be a stronghold of Viking/folk metal. Yet Skalkmold have flourished in the five years that they’ve been together. In fact, the Reykjavik sextet have released an album for the past three years, with their fourth, Með vættum, coming out on November 25th on Napalm Records. Today, we’re proud to bring you the premiere of “Að hausti”  (which is Icelandic for “In Fall”). With Autumn beginning earlier this week, there’s no better time to grab yourself some mead and check out the track. If you don’t want to board one of the ships on the album cover and raid your nearest country after listening, you should probably listen again at a higher volume.

Með vættum will be released on November 25th on Napalm Records.