Song premiere: Fin’amor are winter

Posted by on May 20, 2015

Brooklyn New York’s Fin’amor, consisting of guitarist Julian Chuzhik, singer Benjamin Meyerson and keyboardist and bassist Nodar Khutortsov have been around since 2008. They’ve since expanded to a six piece. While the band’s debut single, “Memories of Flesh,” was released in 2012, they’re returning with their debut album, Forbidding Mourning, on July 7th . Building on a foundation of death metal and doom there are some goth flourishes to their sound as well, which will appeal to fans of Katatonia and My Dying Bride.. Today, we’re bringing you the premiere of “I Am Winter.” A 7 minute epic that showcases the band’s strengths, here’s what Meyerson says about the song:

“I Am Winter is about Elsa’s need to abandon her sister and friends and isolate herself because she’s afraid her powers will hurt the ones she loves.”

Forbidding Mourning will be released on July 7. It can be purchased here.

Here’s the lineup of the band:

Benjamin Meyerson- Vocals
Julian Chuzhik- Guitar
Raphael Pinsker- Guitar
Nodar Khutortsov- Keyboard
Slava Morozov- Bass
Eugene Bell- Drums


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