Six Feet Under take a Stab at a new song

Posted by on April 8, 2015

For their eleventh album, Crypt of the Devil, Six Feet Under have taken a bold and fresh detour away from their signature death metal song. Nah, we’re just yanking your chain. SFU are like the AC/DC of death metal. In fact, the band even covered an entire AC/DC album before. So yeah, you’ve already heard “Open Coffin Orgy” from the album, and while it features collaborations from Cannabis Corpse’s Phil “Landphil” Hall, it still finds the band in the same territory they’ve mined over the course of their last ten albums. Take, for example, “Stab.” the seventh song off the album. It’s called “Stab.” Again, you know what you’re in for, and it’s some high quality, death metal.

Crypt of the Devil will be released on May 5th, on Metal Blade and can be preordered here.


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