Six awesome album updates – 5/5

Posted by on May 5, 2021

05) Decapitated to release The First Damned in June


Decapitated have compiled their early demos and placed it on a new collection titled, The First Damned, which will be released on June 4th via Nuclear Blast (pre-order here).


Vogg comments:

“For some of you, the story behind these demos might be an awesome way to learn about the band or refresh your memory on our history. Demo tape is at the core of the band’s DNA and when I think about it now, I am really surprised that we were able to record both demos at such a young age. I am excited that it was possible to work on this release with a great team and deliver something for our die-hard fans.’The First Damned’ is unique, with an awesome layout and bio, which some of you might not be familiar with. If it wasn’t for Sauron who came up with the idea of starting a band, my brother Vitek who played drums at the age of 12, and Martin who had the idea of going to the studio to record those tracks – there wouldn’t be a band called Decapitated. We were just a bunch of young guys who were inspired by thrash and death metal.

Now, with the help of great people: Dom Lawson, Micah Ulrich, Marcelo Vasco, and all the team who worked on this release, we were able to create – in my opinion – a cool design and honoring the true demo cassette vibe. For the first time, this record will be released on LP, and of course, we couldn’t forget about cassettes, which are another cool way to keep the memories alive. We didn’t change anything with the sound. We took the sound from the original DAT masters, so it’s the real, organic sound of the music we recorded back in the days. I hope you will enjoy it the same way I do.”


Listen to the song “Destiny” (Demo 1997) below:





06) Cynic working on new album

Despite the tragedies, losing Sean Reinert and Sean Malone, Cynic have decided to push forward with recording a new album, expected to arrive later this year. Vocalist/guitarist Paul Masvidal shared the following updates via Facebook and Instagram:



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