SIG:AR:TYR ready new album release

Posted by on April 29, 2015

After a 5 year wait, the Canadian dark folk outfit SIG:AR:TYR have finally announced the release of  their new album Northen this fall via on a label to be announced. The band’s mastermind (and sole permanent member) Daemonskald had the following to say about the album:

“The album deals with the end of the Viking age, and the adventures of the Norse in our own country, Canada. Unlike the permanent settlements in Greenland, their stay here was short-lived, and we are still discovering the extent of their travels, the artifacts from their small settlements,
and unfolding the tales of their interaction with the native cultures here at the time. “Northen” is
a tale of tribute to this small group of adventurers, who with a dynamic, and individualistic spirit,
were still willing to throw stability and comfort aside to explore mysterious new places like
Helluland, Markland, and Vinland, and try to be their own master in a changing world.”

Seems like this record will incorporate a more traditional heavy metal approach than their previous folk metal releases and, if you’re familiar with them, you can just imagine it being heavier than usual, which is nice. Here’s the track listing:

“Markland (The Hammer Fades)”
“When The Last Ship Sails”


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